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The Project

Geoff is spending a 6 month sabbatical abroad starting in Mexico, India, Kenya, and China, to expand his understanding of FinTech’s role in furthering financial inclusion outside of the US.

His goal is to explore consumer financial services needs in emerging markets to identify successes and challenges of existing FinTech products, regulations, and technology providers.

How can FinTech help alleviate financial hardship and decrease inequality? What roles do startups, data vendors, platforms, investors, regulators and policy makers have to play in different ecosystems? Are for profit companies the right vehicle by which to accomplish this?

Geoff will be partnering with local entrepreneurs who are attempting to change the playing field to learn from them and support them pro-bono. He looks forward to continuing to build fairer, safer and more inclusive financial service for consumers everywhere

Meet Geoff

Geoff has over 7 years of Financial Services experiences ranging from management consulting at Oliver Wyman, to building financial products for national banks at Nomis Solutions and for underbanked consumers as a Group Product Manager for LendUp and now Mission Lane, the credit card spin-off. 

Most notably at LendUp / Mission Lane, Geoff managed growth, marketing, fraud, and risk underwriting products for the credit card business and helped scaled program. Geoff has deep expertise in financial services system, having product & engineering platform team to build the next generation banking platform for the underbanked. He looks forward to continuing to build fairer, safer and more inclusive financial services for consumers everywhere

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Areas of expertise:


  1. FinTech Advising: Having built and scaled FinTech lending platforms and products, I can advise as to the best practices relating to underwriting, data & credit models, fraud strategies, technology (build vs. buy), system design, business partnerships, regulatory frameworks, etc.

  2. Product Management & Software Development consulting: Having led large teams and launched complex products to market, I can advise as to the best practices regarding Product Management, Roadmaps, Agile, Software Development Lifecycle, working in a regulatory environment, working with distributed teams, etc.

  3. Business strategy & due diligence: Having consulted for national banks and small startups alike, I can help ensure business models are successful by doing market assessment, due diligence, competitive analysis, etc.

  4. Growth: Having overseen the growth of a credit card business, I can advise as to customer acquisition strategies to minimize costs, manage credit risk and maximize impact.

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